An Introduction to the Rolex 6694





The Rolex 6694 is an entry level Rolex, but to many, it is also the first watch received from their parents or grandparents. At a relatively low price, many of these watches have significant emotional value. The 6694 was first introduced in the 1960s and was produced up to the 1980s. Powering this watch is a reliable 17 jewel manual winding movement, housed within a stainless steel case which measures 34mm in width.


The 6694 is commonly fitted with an oyster bracelet, which has a thick and thin option. The 19mm lug width of the 6694 is less common these days, and straps to fit it would need a little more effort to source. However, the simple and classic layout of the 6694 dial lends it to some easy mixing and matching of colours between the dial and watch strap for various occasions and moods.



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