Omega Constellation Turler Automatic Silver Vintage Watch (1960s)

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Omega Constellation Türler-signed Vintage Watch
No original box and papers
Includes 12 months in-store warranty
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Size: 34mm
Year: 1960s
Reference 167.021  Cal 712
Automatic Movement
Omega crown
Custom leather strap
Acrylic crystal
Silver Dial
Stainless steel case

History of the doubly-signed Turler Omega watches:

The Türler signature sometimes appears on vintage watch dials of the 20th century — but where did it come from? And why is it cool?

Double-signed watches are a hot ticket item in the watch world. The 20th century brought wristwatches to the masses. At a time when you couldn’t just hop over to a mall and find a particular watch brand’s boutique, jewellers and retailers were responsible for bringing watchmakers’ products from around the world to discerning customers. These retailers would stamp their names on watch dials to leave their mark — one such retailer is Türler.

Founded in 1883 in Bielle, Switzerland by brothers César Alexander and Jean Henri Türler, they opened their first store in 1907. Throughout the following decades, Türler would expand and open stores around Europe, eventually offering watches to powerful clients like Sir Winston Churchill.

By mid-century, they sold co-branded watches from a vast number of top-tier maisions including Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre (JLC), Blancpain, International Watch Co. (IWC), Universal Geneve and Omega. These stamps appeared on watches all the way from the early 1910s to the mid-1970s, and their mark adds a hint of “look closer” (to use Mayer’s famous phrase) charm to some already stunning vintage watches.