Patek Philippe 2006 Limoges Vide Poche Porcelain Enamel Dish Tray

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Patek Philippe Limoges Vide Poche Porcelain and enamel Dish

  • 2006 Collection Patek Philippe Museum
  • Enamel painting of a tribute to “Omements Moyen-age”
  • Rear: Hand painted picture of the pocket watch from which the front design is derived, with description for of the said pocket watch in French.
  • Produced exclusively by the world’s finest Swiss watch maker (commemorating a unique timepiece produced by the manufacturer).
  • Made in France by Limoges for Patek Philippe
  • This dish was produced in limited number as a result of a collaboration between Patek Philippe and Limoges porcelain; made exclusively in 2006 for one year only and never made available for sale to the general public
  • A highly sought after and rare item which is highly collectable
  • Dimensions: approximately 19.5cm (length) x 15.5cm (width) x 3cm (height)
  • Dish has no crack / chipped edges