Seiko Pogue "World's First Automatic Chronograph" Vintage Watch 6139-6002

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Seiko 6139-600X has two claims to fame. In 1969, Seiko introduced what was arguably the world’s first automatic chronograph, the Seiko 6139. And the -600X was the first chronograph worn in space. Col. Pogue wore a 6139-6002 during the NASA Skylab 4 mission which took place in 1973.

Another distinguishing feature of this watch is the bold red and blue outer bezel, affectionately referred to as the "Pepsi" bezel.

There are 3 dial colors for this watch series: yellow, blue, and silver. The silver dial is by far the rarest. There are also 2 variations of the dial depending on whether this watch was available within the Japanese market or worldwide. The watch on this listing is the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) model, and was released only within Japan back then.

Note: being a 40+ years old vintage watch, not all parts are original anymore. We are selling this watch "as is". If you require 100% original parts, this is not it.

    Ref: 6139-6002
    Caseback Serial: 6D2777
    Year: December 1976
    Dial: Silver dial with red and blue "Pepsi" bezel
    Movement: Automatic Chronograph
    Case: Stainless steel
    Case diameter: 41mm (excludes crown)
    Lug to lug: 46mm
    Case thickness: 14mm
    Caseback: Seiko caseback
    Band: Seiko original bracelet fitting up to 17cm
    Box & papers: No longer available
    Warranty: 12 months in-house warranty
    SKU: +138/B